Thursday, August 2, 2007

i don't know what kinda weird man-brothel that big fella is running with you away, mama, but there are some strange things afoot. last night, right at our usual "meow really friggin' loud at 4am" time, some strange man came into the house, hunkered down on the couchbedthing in the living room and went to sleep. we didn't let that stop our meow-time. but i'm telling you. it was weird.

A (&K)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

it took some work, but we finally taught him where the dry food was. he's not very bright, this he?

oh, and we contacted the secret cat IT network. they think they have the blog comment problem fixed.
dear mama,

this morning it was cold food for breakfast. please speak with the management about improving mealtimes.

last night was uneventful, except for the catfight between my sister and i at midnight. but honestly, she was being a pain in the ass. and what better time for a catfight?


Monday, July 30, 2007

dear mama. it's ok. he fed us. he lives another night. we'll see what tomorrow brings. sleep tight.

dear mama. we miss you already. we're not so sure that big human is really gonna feed us while you're away. will let you know how it goes. if we go a week without eating, we've agreed to kill him in his sleep and eat him. there seems to be enough of him to keep us fed for a while.

we bribed him into making this blog for us by telling him we wouldn't tell you about the hookers he keeps saying he's bringing home. i think he bought it. it doesn't seem like he's too bright.

see you soon.