Thursday, August 2, 2007

i don't know what kinda weird man-brothel that big fella is running with you away, mama, but there are some strange things afoot. last night, right at our usual "meow really friggin' loud at 4am" time, some strange man came into the house, hunkered down on the couchbedthing in the living room and went to sleep. we didn't let that stop our meow-time. but i'm telling you. it was weird.

A (&K)


Anonymous said...

oh, it's your friend, dt! he loves kitties but i would make myself scarce, his wife *really* loves kitties and has had her eye on mister alobar for some time now.

it may be a ploy just to cat-nap you.


Anonymous said...

where are you?? are you ok?

Anonymous said...

for cryin out loud--get that big human to connect the web cam!

Anonymous said...